Walking the Valley of Death…

Blackness surges toward

the secret that lay ahead,

rugged, dark,  filled with

fire and poison, crystal

shrines evidence of

a path



toward judgment.

Fortification, crowned with

sapphire heavens that

gracefully float toward a

path of great ascension or

deep dissension, granite

demons watch throughout

the long burning day, night

brought speechless shapes

under the moon.

Countless colored hues

infused with the winds, a

strange symphony, a cry in

the blackness that veiled

over ebbing life, then a cold

pallid light surrounded by

the crimson bellows of hell.

You have arrived”.





6 thoughts on “Walking the Valley of Death…

  1. Very powerful imagery…dark…very awesome!!! I’d love to point out one specific line that I like, but there are too many. “a cry in the blackness that veiled over ebbing life” maybe my favourite line, but, very hard to pick.


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