I ask, when one passes away

is there any doubt as to where

the soul goes would your answer

be “No”.  Is it only God who hears

that last breath, has he written

down at our birth the day of our


When we no longer move, can no

longer show joy, are the Angels

sad or do they make a joyful noise.

Do the Heaven’s sing, I have

questions and I wonder about such


Does death really take away all fears,

will we be happy never shedding

another tear.  Will we all become Angels

who can return at anytime to visit family

and friends; or will death be a void

without end?

Do sinners go to Heaven too; will they

walk the streets of gold just like me and

you?  Will, all souls become innocent once

again; will they know a rebirth, returning

to live another life right back here on


Will we have lives even though the body

is gone, will we live in houses, have

adventures, and will each of us have a

home?  Will there be rivers and lakes,

warm days and cool nights, is this all

possible; after death are we truly all


Is there a Heaven, does life continue

but in a better way, if this is true, why

is death everyone’s worse fear?  If

Heaven is what we are told, why do we

not want to hurry up and go, be happy

to free our souls?

On this my day of sadness, I do not

mean for my questions to offend, or

tread upon anyone beliefs.   I just

want my broken heart to mend, I want

to believe that those I love will be

waiting for me when I die, and I do not

want death to be the end!

I do not know if all that we are told, is

truth or a lie, if it is, I guess I would be

questioning “Why”.  Maybe start with

treating everyone as if it is true, be as

good a person as you can be, and then

we will just have to wait and see.

Try being good to everyone even those

who treat you bad, because if it is all true;

and you are standing before God whether

you want to believe it or not, at that

moment you are going to be glad.





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19 thoughts on “Questions…

  1. Very insightful post! I love the line “try being good to everyone..” The truth is that what you do to others, you are actually doing to yourself; it gets back to you one way or the other. Thanks for sharing this wisdom!


  2. Excellent post! Lots of questions to ponder, too. I am convinced that there is a bigger plan for each of us and that perhaps some souls do travel together for an eternity. Sometimes, events occur that cause me to stop and ponder, is there a God? I do believe there is a presence in the universe that is bigger than we realize and that there are “signs” sent to us to behold. I believe in the power of love and that power to bind those we love, together with us. I want to believe that love lasts an eternity.


  3. I think death is different for everyone. And that’s a good thing. Your post/poem starts so Christian, and it’s not only the Christians that die. As far as your line “Maybe start with treating everyone as if it is true, be as good a person as you can be, and then we will just have to wait and see.” That would be an advise that works with more than one religion. And yes, that’s something I try as well.
    Many people do not believe in death. Not even if family members die. Self-deception can go very far. I do not exactly know what is in their scope. Money is important to them. Fame. That is a completely different world for me and it frustrates me sometimes, that there is no same language between people who believe in death and people who don’t.


    • I appreciate the beginning of your comment where you said, “Your post/poem starts so Christian”; I suppose the opposite of that would be non-Christian? You would be right! I cannot profess to know all and understand all, thus my reason for stating my intent in the poem “not to offend anyone”.

      I suppose one must start with how they define a Christian, and how important are denominational labels. I do at time wonder how we can be unified in a Christ when we cannot be unified in a religion and maintain different beliefs.

      Raised in a Native American environment, my father of Chickasaw descent (one-half); my mother whom was around on weekends forced her Baptist beliefs upon me; therefore I am well read in the book called the Bible. A book written by man, for the reason of controlling the masses, not to offend, yet, that is my opinion.

      If being a Christian means I must belong to an organized religion housed by walls with denominational labels on those walls, then I would question giving myself that label. If one wants to label me Spiritual, meaning that I believe in a higher power in the Universe; that would be the correct label.

      The power of “being”, given free will to myself to choose, to question, to search for answers, an individual that by the nature of being me; wonders about what may or may not wait for me beyond the now.

      You gave me a great comment, please stop by again, I enjoyed this conversation.


  4. I love your honesty that you express more questions than answers. If we had the answers then we would be Gods would we not?
    I spent years teaching children about God- not religion relationship. The one truth that we can hang on to is that God is love!
    Best to you in your journey and your writing


  5. This is a very moving and thought provoking piece. I have always thought about death but more so when my best friend died a year and a half ago unexpectedly and only 51.


    • I believe that the death of someone close to us leaves a cloud of doubt lingering over us for the remainder of our own lives. It rains questions of our own mortality and the word “why” is embedded deep in our minds; yet we must paint hope upon our souls. My heart is with you in your loss. Ann


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