What is Love…

Warring within the hearts of men

and women, the rise and falling of

breath, the interpose of loves

fragrance sprawled among the rose

petals of life.

Shared passion, the dangers of

affection, good, bad, and the perils

of love, of complete love for life.

Love is a prison where escape is

unwanted, a life sentence to be

treasured, love is pride, love binds,

and love must truly be blind.

Love feeds hunger, love quenches

thirst, love overcomes darkness,

and love is the light that removes all

shadows of doubt.

Does love need explanation, for those

who know the invincible heights of love,

its fire, its tenderness, no;  for these

people live within the boundaries of

true love.





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8 thoughts on “What is Love…

  1. Well, I think that just about covers it! Excellently written – I like the way that you have managed to convey an emotion without being overly emotional. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!


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