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Thank you again for your support. Ann

ann johnson-murphree

Thank you for your support of the blog and in the purchase of my eBooks at  I hope you will continue to visit below are direct links to each book.  The first in a series of short stories will be ready for publication by Thanksgiving 2013.    AJM


Echoing Images from the Soul, a collection born over a period of two years, 2019 to 2012, from the experiences of loss, depression and doubt .


Honeysuckle Memories, these poems are created from experience or stories throughout my life, the collection put together in 2012.

Beyond the Voices

Beyond the Voices, a new collection of mixed styles and voices during 2012 and 2013.

journey into art

The paintings in My Journey into Art begin in 2010 with the loss of two of my children, two days apart…none perfect or master pieces, they were a source of therapy during the first year.  Some took days, others weeks as the depression…

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