Overdose of Madness…


The sun radiates infinity,

the ocean throbs with

rapture, and then erupts

with searing ecstasy.  The

wind expels the raw lust of

nature.  Morning dances in

the valley, sunrays like purple

fire against the mountains

blend with the mist that rises

to meet the clouds.  The earth

quivers trying to free itself from

the madness within its molten

belly.  It is Mother Nature’s daily

ritual as the world overdoses on

the turmoil racing across a land of

human design.




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10 thoughts on “Overdose of Madness…

  1. I love this! especially the final lines. Such an eloquent way to portray our current environmental situation ( I am not saying that was your intent, that is what I took from it.) great job.


  2. This is beautiful! and I wanted to have a favorite part, but then as I read again(and again) I like the flow of your energy through the words, and it ends to perfection !
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…


      • I Believe you were one within one with Gaia on this one….
        This is really special Ann….you brought real life energy for us to see through Mother Nature..as if She was speaking Herself…


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