When and Where Will It End…

Life scarcely sustained, black is

the night, vicious is the pain.

Deadly gloom walks by my side,

this life I sometimes cannot abide,

I have looked to the heavens, no

peace did I find, neither God, Satan

or I can control my mind.

Clouds like whispers move here and

there, my thoughts find no solace I

have searched everywhere.  Bitter

silences, graceless, disillusioned concern,

reflect upon the hopelessness, darkness

spent into the light, intent, and fright.

Defaced, lost, a wilting world, nothing

sacred, lonely soul, waning time in a deadly

whirled.  What lays in the end, weakening

breath, doors closing, the door to death, I

lived my life within a stormy sea of abuse;

I now must cry out in regret.





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