Winds at dawn, dewdrops

lay shivering on blades of

green grass; windows rattle,

leaves slide across the

veranda floor; cluttered skies,

ice crystals’ a wonderland

upon the rocky shore.

A rising sun its radiance spreads,

flowers of summer are dead; the

field of Poppies’ only remembered

as a waving sea of red.

The garden filled with fall fare, blossom

seeds tilled into the ground; spread

beyond the garden gates a bounty of

squash, gourds and pumpkins abound.

The land cringes with the thoughts of

ice and snow that will soon be here; but

first it must wait patiently for the golden

autumn to disappear.





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8 thoughts on “Autumn…

  1. one could feel walking into the cooler breeze of Autumn
    what a wonderful walk you took us on…
    Thank you….I needed it
    Take Care…You Matter…


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