The Wait…



At night the

souls of the dead

congregate, after

dark, hunkering,

alone, they “eye

heaven”. It is a

blueprint of hope.




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2 thoughts on “The Wait…

  1. Ann Your poems make you think and look at life and t beyond. Last year I wrote a book of poetry people can use in their cards, tributes etc. Now I am doing a children’s stories challenge. Regards Madonna


    • Where is your book of poetry located. I wrote a children’s book with my son, or might I say he wrote it and I did the illustrations, a once in a life-time project. I have a family of writers and artist and at my age I am the only one who can do it full time (retired), finally my dream coming true. Good luck and let me know how you are doing as you progress. My email is
      thank you for your comment.


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