The Moment…


Broken winds from the

slow hand of God lifts

waves ever moving

surging towards some

crystalline shore.


The evolution of change,

moving forward toward

the end, the scaling of old

skin, leaving only a shadow

of the imperfection of life.


New, newer, seasons never

turning back, blooming into

tomorrow, searching in a

colored cloud of being.


Enlightening the darkness,

alone, unafraid; stained by

time; it is time to be free, in

truth it is time to take root in

“the now”.   




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9 thoughts on “The Moment…

  1. don’t you just feel the change in the air…
    suspended air..seems to hold thoughts longer…
    wonderful Ann…I like
    I just realized I haven’t emailed you back..I went outside to work and got into collecting seeds as I turn gardens for the Autumn crops and flowers…I apologize…
    tonight I was in a zone of writing….and thinking of those changes I feel…
    I hope you had a wonderful day….and the weekend is here Enjoy…
    I will email when I wake up….
    Again..Beautiful words your thoughts spoke…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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