Beyond the Voices…


You left the world to early, free

from a life that left you filled with

doubt.  You lived the lives of many,

the voices, always hoping just to be



I now wait for that spark from heaven,

I willed you not to go, God did not agree.

Was your life fulfilled in such a short time,

will I ever know?


You had beginnings, disappointments, new

starts; you worried about tomorrow, unable

to feel happiness in what you accomplished



I suffer your being gone, sadness wretches my

days, the glow died there was no hope.  It seems

like one long unhappy dream.


Roaming within my mind, I walk the fields of your

life.  A time of clouded joy, then time was blown



Born in innocence, fresh, life clear, before the

voices took over, bringing fear.  I could not help

you in your solitude while you nursed your

unconquerable fears.


As the moonlight pales, I yearn for lost years,

before the mental strife.  Before the voices

took over your life.


It was after sunset that you died, a void that

cannot be filled, you will never grow old.  I

miss your smiles, your red tresses flowing

down your back, your light will always shine;

your radiance will never fade.


Sleep my child in eternal rest…







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  1. may you have a peace-filled moment within the quiet…
    take care…you matter…


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