Listen to the roar of the

thunder; in those days I

could meld with a storm,

before my heart turned to

stone.  I remember when

the blood in my veins

flowed with a fire, a fire…only



The last time that I said

goodbye, I felt like soaring to

the heavens, at last, me the

storm alone.  Lock the door,

light the candles pour the

wine; at last my life, my life…

only mine.


Your voice lingers in the

doorway, grateful I am that

you will not be back.  Outside

the light fades on a field of

wildflowers, the sun sets

behind the Pine’s, the world,

the world…only mine.

A moonbeam flows through

the window, pale, straight,

silent like my heart, that once

beat innocent.  It is time for a

golden celebration, a celebration…

only mine.


I will teach myself to live simple

and wise, to look to God, and

then I will come back.  With God,

the stone that is my heart will

soften, the fire will return to my

cold veins, and I will once again

savor all that is mine… only mine.






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  1. such powerful words whispered within this page…
    Beautiful …..
    Take Care…


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