Morning, glorious morning,

the sunbeams seep through

the windowpane like frost from

winters frozen ground.  I rise,

face the Eastern sky for it is

there that the warmth of the

day can be found.

I open the window the breeze

bathes me with the scent of

lilacs that grow lavishly in the

spring.  While somewhere in the

distance, plum dusk lingers as the

last moments of night the world

tries to cling.

A robin chirps from my crabapple

tree, as I sip from my favorite cup,

a hot peach flavored tea.  It is time

to dress, comb my snow-white hair

and take the well-worn path down

the hillside toward the sea.

At water’s edge, I pause to remember

My God, to hear his wondrous call, I

will dedicate this moment to the

Great Mystery of it all.  I pray for

patience in enjoying these golden

years, to hold my head high and

face life without fear.

I hear children playing in far away

fields; I remember the joy of the

imaginary castles in the sky that I

use to build.  Have I sat here all day,

reliving my own childhood in that

special way?

I rise from the old oak rocker, did I

remember to eat, is it time to go

inside, to wash the dried sand from

my feet.   Afterwards, I will climb

beneath my mother’s old quilts, my

eyes will close and I will flow among

the starless time called sleep, My

God has a promise to keep.

I float across a space upon the softness

of a sparkling wind and along the way,

I see family and friends.  I know that my

soul from its earthly body has gone;

where silver sands and emerald seas will

forever be a part of me…this is truly

everlasting love, I am home.






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