Infinite Hope…


What does one do during the bad days,

my mind that of an old woman, I would

clear my soul if I could; it is in old age

that we try to be kind.   In younger days,

we walk through life without worry and


Youth to old age, life passionate and wild,

yet within time the aged returns to the

days of a child.  I do not ask from my bed

of death to be free, I do ask that my God

let me die in dignity.

I ask that death allow me to find the

freedom that my life denied; that I am

strong when my family is at my side.

Spare me of the whisperings of a crowded

room, that there be ceremonious air and

not one of gloom.

I have lived without glory or fame; no one

will remember my name; no one knows

when I am bound for death, only God knows

when I will take my last breath.

While the world around me in silence lies,

move me outside so I can see sunshine once

more before I die.   Let it bathe me in the

wonder that I was born, across my face its

beauty spread, like the sun I ask only for

your smiles of love when I am dead.

I pray for no sickroom, no mortal strife, no

turmoil for a little breath, let it be a natural

passing, no struggling with death.  Let me go

composed, fearless, mind clear, willing to let

my spirit go somewhere else to wait for

everyone that to me is so dear.







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