Magic of the Seasons…


I dreamed that I was a butterfly

floating with the pale gold sequins

spilled by the Locust tree the cocoon

set me free. I woke to a cool autumn

morning the season where all things

change, many of Mother Nature’s

children drop their cloaks returning

them to the earth from which they



The nearby brook reveals a frozen sparkling

bank as ice crystals form at its edge, the

pure water will always run free; of winter,

it has no dread.  Dreams floating within a

liquid eye, relives the wonders of spring that

brings the lovely butterfly.


Alas, we must wake to these frosty days; wait

for the early darkness, the harvest moon

shining down upon mounds of freshly mowed

hay.  Masters of cadence the landscape

transforms, winds leap and the maple trees

weep, soon Mother Nature will put her children

to sleep.


The language of Mother Nature is never old and

never new, as she speaks to the world under a

sky of blue.  Then spring will once again arrive,

and the earth will warm, Mother Nature’s

children will once again bloom; and another

butterfly released from its magic cocoon.







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