The Cruelty of Cancer…

The swallowing of pungent fluid,

wrath filling the throat

tears held back through

the pain.

Breast, the source of life now

hot, infested, anger cold, a

secret untold.

The moans, the dying a

thousand deaths, stripped

the body.

Then one lonely night it

takes its victims last





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16 thoughts on “The Cruelty of Cancer…

  1. thank you, Ann, this was great. Sadly, we lose so many to this curse (I have buried too many these last few years because of cancer and now someone else close to me has it). subject matter aside, good poem, thanks for sharing 🙂
    I must apologise, Ann, I have not been to visit in so long, I have been so busy and have neglected some very talented writers like your good self, I appreciate your visiting my own blog and shall endeavour to come back to see you more often. best wishes from Baldy 🙂


  2. The title automatically struck a cord with me as my mom battled cancer. It really is a horrid thing that sadly claims the lives of many. Though my mother was one of the lucky ones who beat her battle with cancer the cost of the treatments were sever. As the years turned she fell ill to numerous other health issues and they could all be traced back to her cancer treatments. In the end her victory over cancer still lead to her demise.


    • There are no words that anyone can say to easy the pain in the loss of a loved one. She has to be the “Hero” in your family, the determination to be with her family as long as she could, what a wonderful gift she gave you in such a display of courage. My heart is with you and everyone that has lost a loved one to this disease. I lost a special friend of 30 years to pancreatic cancer; diagnosed and given two week to live, she lived those 14 days! Stay strong and remember the wonders of your “mom”. Ann


      • Thank you for the kind words. She has instilled in me the courage to keep going despite the difficulties life may present. I was 9 when she was diagnosed with cancer and she vowed to herself that she would live long enough to see my brother get married and me become an adult. She lived to see both of those things happen.


  3. Cancer is a scourge that hopefully one day will be obliterated. My father-in-law is now in hospice after fighting it for several years. Your poem depicts perfectly the process one goes through. It’s quite moving.


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