Spirit of Life…


The spirit of life cannot fail no

matter what ocean stream

it takes, no matter where it may

sail. You may stumble and fall,

you may question the mystery

of it all.


You may be pushed into the

darkest of fears; yet you will hear

the whispers of calmness because

the Great Mystery is near.  When

you stop trying to reach perfection

in life, you will move ahead. Your

spirit knows that there is nothing

to dread.


Do not be afraid to move onto the

uncomfortable edge and do not be

afraid to fall; you are in the arms of

the Great Mystery and your spirits

“tree of life” will always bear fruit.

If you live within the realm of

spiritual truth.


Experience life with grace and ease;

support the spirit of life, you will find

wonderful blessings during the

brightest of your days and throughout

the darkest of your nights.






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