Hurry into Tomorrow… (micropoetry)


It is cold in the shadows of today,

I sometimes wonder when I die if

below the earth is strange, dark or

light?  Will I know?

I hurry towards an uncertain

tomorrow, I hurry through my life

to end my sorrow.







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9 thoughts on “Hurry into Tomorrow… (micropoetry)

  1. I like this poem. Though, I wish you had developed it a bit more. There is so much potential in this that I leave wanting to read more. I’m not saying that you should not leave anything to be read in between the lines, but if you expand the lines more, I am certainly sure the results will be great.

    But overall, the idea is interesting. I hope my comment wasn’t mere rant. <333


  2. ‘will I know?’-that gave me tingles, it’s thought provoking, I enjoyed this piece, I feel slightly saddened by it and it opens up many questions. I like the length of this-(ignore that I just made that sound rude)-For me however I think It is enough to explore the questions.


    • Thank you, I actually have been working on a lot of micropoetry as it is a quick read and if I do it well the reader will get the message I am trying to convey. So, no that is not rude, it is truth. The day of the 1000 word poem is long gone. Ann


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