Best Friends…


A little dog barked and leaped with his

master in a quiet little town on a quiet

little street.  He fought with the he-dogs

and sniffed at the she-dogs, life to this

little dog was a treat.


Years went by, the Master walked with a

cane, the little dog limped along silently,

and their lives had changed.  The little

dog had lost his sight, he could no longer

fight, and at the she-dogs, he had just

enough strength to wag his tail.


The town people watched as the two of

them aged, the Master never walked

again, he had become just another tired

old man.   Within time no one saw the

Master and his little Dog, a neighbor

knocked at their door, peeked in the

window, and there they both lay on

the floor.


The Master and his little dog had

watched the morning sky lose its cast

of gray; it was to be a very fine day.

Then they watched the sun go down

and the lamplights lit in the quiet

little town.


They closed their eyes, Master dreamed

that he was walking along the quiet little

streets; the little Dog dreamed that he

could once again bark and leap.


Master woke to find the little dog lying at

his feet; he thought that maybe he was just

asleep.  Painfully he knelt down, knowing

neither would ever walk again through the

quiet little town.


The little dog was dead Master hugged him

one more time, saying his last good-bye.

Then he too, lay down beside his little dog

and died.







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16 thoughts on “Best Friends…

  1. Ann… This has to be one of the most incredible pieces of poetry I’ve ever had the honor of reading. I say honor because it should be a crime for us to be able to just go to a blog and read work this great.

    This one made the eyes burn. You have a powerful voice.


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