Old Woman…

She is an old woman now, once young

with roads to travel and songs to sing, a

child not knowing what life would bring,

rainbow skies, starry nights, a time where

the imagination of youth blinds the truth.

Then comes the long lonely road with no

songs to sing, roads scattered with

heartache, existence, waiting for what life

will bring.


Hopes and dreams put aside, life in stagnant

waters, worry, pain and dissension, could

these have really been life’s intentions. Survival,

breathing from day to day, choppy waves in a

sea of disappointment besieged with life’s



Time did not go quickly and existence hard to

bear, in the end poignant images became clear;

woven upon life’s tapestry was a face that held

no fear.  Thick black hair turned gray, skin

furrowed with wrinkles that will never go away;

a face that did not know how to smile because

it had said too many goodbyes, life gone out of

tired old eyes.


As if an old rutted road where time, has not been

kind and the bouquet of dreams now wilted with

sadness lives only in her mind.  As years go by fear

of survival subsides, the mind absorbed no longer

in, the when, where or how, the mirror leaves but

one image, and it is… that she is “just” an old woman






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