The American Dream…

There was a time when life flowed

slowly like a perfect meadow stream,

fresh was the air, blue was the sky

and everyone had a chance to live the

American dream.  These things that

use to be, will never return, we have

put a hole in the sky, all because of our

selfish greed, we are destroying earth

out of self-seeking hunger for the

things that we really do not need.


The sky is no longer clearly blue, only a

dingy hue, the rivers and streams filled

with debris, between Heaven and Earth a

cloud of toxic waste; we are destroying

this planet and doing so at an incredible

pace.  Our wetlands taken away sold as

summer get-away; gone are the lands,

forest and streams that wildlife was free

to roam; today it sold for some greedy

person’s million-dollar home.


Listen, do the birds still sing a joyous song,

the animals are not happy; their lives

changed, their feeding grounds gone, we

never give it a thought as to where we

expect them to call home?  Nature tries to

correct our mess with hurricanes, tornados

and such, but Mother Nature believes that

the rest is up to us.  It appears we do not

care and one day we may see crumbling

buildings, bridges and monuments turned

to dust.


When you ask about the American dream,

it is lost among the rubble of crooks and

banking schemes.  The planet will die and

waste away in fishless oceans and down

dirty mountain streams.  There was a time

when the life flowed slowly like a perfect

meadow stream, fresh was the air, blue was

the sky and everyone had a chance to live

the American dream.






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10 thoughts on “The American Dream…

  1. wow.. what a powerful dream Mom. You have really made me cry for the mother earth, as I wrote few days back a poem on “Ozone war” … ” we have drilled the layer-developed, we have drilling our part – developing, where is our part? – underdeveloped!”.. the war is drilling the ozone layer.. between countries.. we need to go back and live a peaceful life.. not this mechanical life.. hurry and worry about the luxury and running behind money!!!– mother nature!!


  2. This poem reminds me of an event that happened a few weeks ago. I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, then I notice a flock of geese walking right in the middle of the four-way intersection. And before I knew it, I looked on my right window and I see, laying on the ground is one run over. I was completely shocked and saddened and mortified, really. All they wanted to do was to find water and shelter. It brought me to tears.

    Thank you for sharing this poem. I think it’s important for all of us to really think about our actions and how it affects our world.



  3. Unfortunately due to the exploitation and the new power of the megabanks and megacorps entrenched by their paid for elected officials for far too many the American dream is just to keep your job and health insurance and hope your family can survive week to week on a paycheck with no disrupting disaster occurring.


  4. You nailed it right on the head with your description of what is happening to America and it is sad to watch. I still can’t believe that it happen right before our eyes. Very well done.


  5. This is not just an American or recent phenomenon– even the Native Americans drove herds of bison over cliffs and left most of the carcasses to rot while others set fires to forests to improve their hunting grounds. Immigrants left Europe which was a corrupt and polluted mess etc. yet, there still is beauty in the world. Just the fact that you are so sensitive to the world’s suffering proves that. This is a fallen world, but I believe every bit of love and care you bring into it helps inspire others to care too.


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