The Dragonfly Collection…

On August 8, 2010,a memorial service held in a beautiful prairie with a small creek winding through it was a beautiful sunny day that produced storm clouds within the mind.  The family at the end of the service released an enormous amount of multi-color of balloons.  When the balloons rose toward the heavens hundreds of dragonflies emerged from the prairie wildflowers and grasses swarming above our heads.  Since that time, the family has adopted the dragonfly as a symbol of honoring our losses.  In the passing months, I survived the hours and days by writing and painting; from this came the following four watercolors.  Before they are placed into storage, I wanted to share them with my community.  AJM

24. Yellow Dragonfly


11X14 Watercolor

25. Pink Dragonfly 3 on Daisy

“Daisy Delight”

11X14 Watercolor

26.Black Wing Dragonfly

“A Lone Angel”

11X14 Watercolor

27.Night Dragonfly

“Night Angels”

11X14 Watercolor






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18 thoughts on “The Dragonfly Collection…

        • Yes your drawings “artwork” is wonderful, and we do what is necessary to get through the day. I write and paint! My community of bloggers have gotten me through many rough days, just reading their wonderful sites. Have a great weekend. Ann


          • Ann, you do like me… write, paint. I have just ‘got my house in order’, so to speak… so, I can seriously write, finish my books… ‘Camie’s Angel’…. and ‘The Saga of Victoria Fairchild. I want to work on a coloring book at the same time. My house is very neat, organized now… so… I can think clearly ‘now’. :)))


      • Ann, I went to your blog to read ‘About’ so, I could see ‘about you’… like you’d see ‘about me’… and that I write about my son… that way no one has to feel awkward about asking ‘what happened?’.

        I’m so sorry about your children… I never saw what happened or you would have stood out to me so, I would have read you quicker. It seems when we share something so ‘a deep part of us’… and ‘know’… we pay attention from the beginning.

        When I saw your pictures of dragonflys, flowers… I didn’t read above what was significant about them… I just saw the artwork, and really… the dragonflys. My son loved dragonflys.

        I went back tor read… I read your words. They touched me deeply. I realize I should have read first to see why they were there to begin with. My heart goes out to you. I’m not a ‘flip’ person… I have a really big heart that cares… please know this. I was honored you reached out to write to me… your words touched my heart. I just wish I had read ‘why’ your dragonflys/flowers first. I must have sounded so ‘flip, and not caring’ when I liked the dragonflys. I’m completely opposite of that. Love, Gloria I’m so sorry.


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