Southern Collection of Artwork from 2012…

My artwork created from the memories of my childhood all in honor of those individuals that I admired and was a part of my early and informative years…

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29. Birth of Cotton

“The Birth of Cotton”

31. Women Dreaming


30. Women in cottonfield

“Setting Sun in the Cotton Fields”


“Little Houses in the Field”

23.Cotton Shed

“Aunt Francis House”

18.Aunt Frances

“Aunt Francis”

When I painted Aunt Francis it was from memory as there were no photographs; she was an incredible lady that lived with my family until I was twelve years old.  My father took care of her until her death in 1952.  She was an important part of our lives.  The painting does not do justice to this lovely woman of grace who was born in northern Alabama in 1854.

All of the paintings are 20X20 Acrylics and painted as a collection in 2012



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20 thoughts on “Southern Collection of Artwork from 2012…

  1. Is this the style dubbed ‘Naive’? Whichever, it’s delightful to my eye with its defined forms and flamboyant colours. You’re multi-talented, a wonderful gift.


  2. I stopped by to thank you for the like., but I can’t take the credit for penning the words. I re blogged. Anyway, I checked out your art work and it is really quite good. You have a beautiful gift there. nick


  3. These are beautiful. You are very talented. I feel so honored for you following my blog. Thank you so much. (Sorry for the late acknowledgment. Things can get hairy where we are. ) 🙂


  4. Very beautiful images. You are one talented lady, with your sublime poems and your incredible artwork! I love the first piece, cotton between the toes, it is whimsical. Thanks for sharing.


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