Of Teleportation and Shoes

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Poesy plus Polemics


Used to carry

Careers in their pockets,

Ambitions in attachés

Skinned in faux animal hides,

Professional portfolios,

Portable up to a limited range

Marked by how far their feet

Could take them while tucked

Into tassel-laced wingtips,

Or functional

Business-heeled pumps


But modern commutes,

In increasing array,

Can be limitless,

Finding intangible stride

Into every least corner

The earth dared to hide,

Thanks to satellites, cell towers,

Wireless access

To internet sites

Conducive to commerce,

With nary a scuff or a scratch

To one’s shoe leather


Fat résumés,

Fulsome with decades of history,

Travel at light speed

In magical packets

Of binary mystery,

Digitized distillates,

Wisdom collected

In even the subtler

Brain-creases and folds,

The sum of experience

Telling their tales, fair or feigned,

Of success


Transactions that

Nonetheless call for

A face-to-face


Utilize virtual transport

Of wheelers and dealers,

Whose teleport avatars

Animate and…

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