Cliff’s of Unhappiness…

Above the weathered mountains steep,

I gaze over into a furious sea stare into

a blood-red sunset wondering when you

will return to me.

The passing breeze is like the breath of

love, it awakes my heart, I have held

this ground from the moment you did


At the sinking of each day, I feel that

familiar restlessness, then wrap myself

in tears, it is the cruel sea that I fear.

My memory clings to that moment when

I could no longer see the sails of your

boat, I cannot sleep, I cannot breathe,

my heart rises to my throat.

Sorrow, restless, I prostrate, I pray

only the angels know what I feel

when you are away.

In the still of the night, by the pale

moon’s chilling light, I wait, listening

for the north winds to blow, it is there

to the cliffs of my unhappiness that  I

will go.



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4 thoughts on “Cliff’s of Unhappiness…

    • Thank you Sahm, I still get mail with many believing that what I write is my personal life; they cannot understand that it is, yes experience; or a feeling of one’s self or another person blended into the piece to create a believable story. However, in fiction that is what we are striving for, right; the pain you see my friend comes from within, the loss of two children which I channel into my writing. Good to hear from you, have a great weekend. Ann


  1. i can feel this piece very strongly – having lost two very close friends in the past year. One i hope may sail back to me – the other never will, but I hope to sail to him someday.


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