When the World Was New…

Red hues beyond the land

Fire in the sky as twilight is

Painted by God’s hand.

Graying dark clouds musty

Against the sky.  A magic

Scene no one can deny.

Imagine when the world

Was new.  With clouds so

White and sky so blue.

Do you think God is outraged?

At how we have changed his world?



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4 thoughts on “When the World Was New…

  1. I love this poem because it just reminds me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. Or rather, what she must have been looking at for inspiration. Taking mental pictures of every flower, ever thing in the desert. And then deifying it in a painting that was literally larger in life. Good luck with future writing and thank you so much for the follow!


  2. Excellent poem, Ann. I’m Baldy, nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog. I saw you reblog Sahm King, good choice, he is an incredible writer, I would suggest you check out some of his spoken word efforts on youtube (very talented man). I hope to see more from you and shall be back to read in the near future. keep smiling and keep writing, kind regards from Baldy 🙂


    • Thank you so very much for following and I will enjoy your site as well. Yes, what an incredible find to have the opportunity to follow this young man Sahm King; I have heard his spoken word. I have instantly become a fan. Thank you again. Ann


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