In the Mist…

Quiet dazzling under the starry mist

beyond the pallid shore.  This life

ends today, there will be no more.

The devil swings a dull hook over the

heads of the gods.  In the luminous

mist we must all lightly trod.

In the fog of being, you cavort with

invisible women in the early morn.

The demon came, an evil wind

blew and finally you were born.

In the twilight of the evening

translucent against the sea.

The lost man came, found the

right road and rescued me.



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11 thoughts on “In the Mist…

  1. “The devil swings a dull hook over the, heads of the gods.” The poem started out brilliantly, but I was hooked with the aforementioned line. Nice. Something about what you’ve written that exudes a sort of…fantastic mystique… I cannot describe it except to say – as I’ve said to some few other poets – this reminds me of the very first time I opened a fantasy novel, probably one of the best days of my youth.


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