The Birth of Madness…

When anger and depression unite,

they give birth to madness.  Loathing

emotions born out of the pits of darkness

holds an emptiness and void that can

never find contentment.

Madness thinks of death, madness is in harmony

with stillness.  It feels pain, lives in blackness,

hopes for nothing; survives as an opponent to

living life.

Be aware…

Its name is madness; a spawn created of

the merger of anger and depression.  It will

hook its talons onto your soul, it will destroy

your spirit before you can set yourself free.



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4 thoughts on “The Birth of Madness…

  1. Ah, such a hard subject to write about, but so familiar to anyone with a pulse. “Madness is in harmony with stillness” So, true. I feel it is its own form of inertia. Here is the place where I’ve made my own definition of madness (or depression); it is the Novocain-like paralysis of not knowing what we want. Having the surreal experience of being faced with the thousands of things we could have, be, or do and not really knowing what we want we end up just standing there, like time stuck on pause and there in that stillness, we feel EVERYTHING and are overwhelmed. The minute we choose, just one thing comes into focus and we can step towards it, confidently, because, now we know what we want. Madness lives in “the deciding room”. Choosing puts the key to get out of there right into our hand. Lovely and difficult words you’ve written, Ann! Thank you for sharing them.


  2. So very true. I am beginning to wonder if it will end this time, if my spirit will stay closed and broken. It is strangely comforting to read this and know that someone else knows what madness really is. Thank you.


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