I am Death Walking…

I hear music floating in the trees.  I see

magic in the clouds. I can almost see

tomorrow.  I want the pain to end…

I am death walking.

I pretend to be at peace, to protect

and comfort others.  I worry about the

ones I leave behind.  I want the pain to

end… I am death walking.

I have touched the face of an angel.

I cry for those, I love.   I am at peace.

I want the pain to end… I am death


I understand the Will of God.  I know

In truth lies freedom.  I dream of my

celestial home and I smile.  I want the

pain to end… I am death walking.



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5 thoughts on “I am Death Walking…

  1. A powerful poem…. and terribly frightening too. Suicidal thoughts do not seem to me to ‘understand the Will of God’ as I believe survival is our ‘Prime Directive’ (if you will). Nonetheless this certainly pulls my heart strings and resonates with that part of me that wants to reach out to anyone who is ‘death walking’ and bring them back to Life. There are so many other ways to help bring the pain to an end rather than checking out.


    • I understand that your blog represents offering help to those in need of such help as suicide. However, my poem is a creation of thought processes that grew from life, as much of my poetry does come from life experiences. I AM DEATH WALKING…is not in relation to suicide but to the pain of the heart from aging, from a person that has life a long a full life and understanding the Will of God is a part of aging and reaching to a place where it is time to let go of life’s pain and move on to a better place in the universe. Poetry is created from many forms of imagery in the mind of the poet, and is not always personal. Yet, when I have written a piece that gives the readers a sense of “reality” then I have accomplished what I meant within the body of the work. Thank you for commenting, thank you for following and I look forward to hearing from you again. Ann Johnson-Murphree


  2. Thank you kindly for such a thoughtful comment. I do understand that of course, like art, poetry is very personal and the creator has no responsibility for what the viewer or reader experiences. I do appreciate your sharing the viewpoint of aging, and of course that IS the will of God, of nature, of fate. I apologize that my recent experiences and focus of my posts lately swayed my vision of this poem. I have enjoyed rereading this work again, and it now pulls new heartstrings. Your talent is obvious and I am so glad our blogging paths have crossed, as I adore poetry. I look forward to reading more of your works. Thanks again, Gina


    • As I enjoy your site and all of the post, which I find both interesting and helpful. I was on poetry.com for many years before leaving, then went back; I found that in critiquing of the poems many of the readers wrote “I am so sorry for your life’s problems, etc.” On an average about 50% of the critiquing believed that the poetry was personal. In any writing we take the visuals or experiences from life and we bring it into our writing. Nevertheless, I am envious of your writing as I am trying to write a non-fiction book about one of my children and the handicap she lived with until her death. Non-fiction is incredibly difficult, there among reality as a writer I cannot hide the truth, again I admire your writing. Ann


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