Losses in life leave people broken,

Ones spirit may never mend; a sense of

Betrayal will unquestionably never end.

Does one never learn when they are clearly

Shown that they are not wanted; is there a

Reason to hope, reason to survive.

Does one give up?  Lie down… die?

Put life into perspective, of your soul be

Protective; learn to live within your own glory

Write yourself a new story.



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6 thoughts on “Broken…

  1. That is a most beautiful and sad poem. The picture seemed to be a spider’s web to me at first. Then it came into view as broken glass. So the last three lines in particular spoke to me, as if the broken glass becoming a newly spun web is a matter of seeing things in perspective. I related the cautiousness of a spider to self-protection, and the way it sits in the centre of its beautiful web, is like someone living in their own glory. Writing a new story, brings to mind the spinnarets of the spider, busy spinning a yarn, repairing the gaps and broken bridges, ready to make a living again. Sad, and yet hopeful at the end. Thank you!


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