Imprisoned deep within the soul are

emotions created where both fear and

truths are stored; it is there that we find

ourselves caged behind invisible doors.

Filtering through the layers of one’s mind

daily is the only way; it may stop the

possibility of getting lost in the fog of our


Clear the mind and soul of clutter, congestion

and conflict; free it from these windowless

rooms, keeping such thoughts will create an

existence into which you would surely be


Knowing self-value is the first step for the soul

to hear freedoms call; living in the “now” is the

only way to tear down internal prison walls.



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18 thoughts on “Walls…

  1. but here are guarded secrets,
    that I do not wish to remember,
    that I do not wish,
    to expose to the light.
    Here are things I have buried,
    far within these walls,
    with nary a crack
    provided for escape.


    • KJ…your blog has a wonderful feel, a warmth; it will evolve into what it is going to be and that is you. It is not for everyone, but I enjoy the widget for My Community, it is not the numbers that is important, but I enjoy seeing the icon’s of those who follow me or have stopped by…and yes, I try to return to each and everyone within a short period of time. I am alone with adult children, I write fiction, poetry and paint, time is my only asset and I am rich in time. You have a wonderful young family, enjoy. Ann


  2. The last in is an excellent summary of how life needs to be lived. Self value is often lost among the clutter. It should always be brought to the forefront. Thank you for sharing this inspiring piece.


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