Time is a Thief…

The whispers from strangers; that my child is

dying coming from the other room brought anger,

it whirls across the room like a raging storm.  Do

they know how very wicked they are, who they

may hurt.

I want to scream, tell them how depraved they are

and that they should leave, seek solace with their own

kind in the pits of “Hell”.  The soul you are referring to

is cradled in my arms, I cannot keep her alive, did you

truly try to keep her alive.

Things do not always appear, as they seem you are out

of control.  Do you know that my arms will be empty soon?

at this moment you do not even know why, you are just an

uncaring person here outside my circle of love.

Awaken your mind, soon there will be grieving here, run, run,

and hope this will never be you that is treasuring these last

hours of joy.  Leave do not show your face here again, until

you know the truth, that…”Time is a thief”.



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9 thoughts on “Time is a Thief…

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. I’ve been having emotions lately that brought your words to life for me…couldn’t of said it better myself, “Time is a thief.”


    • Oh yes my friend…I even celebrate the lost too, for without it I would not be me. My poetry sums me up, it is what lives within and my life shows within those lines whether happiness or sorrow. At one time I thought I had lost my youth, my young adulthood, my life in general; then I found that they were all here within me. I visit with them, they are among the pages of my journal waiting, they are folded within my poetry waiting to be read. Have a great day and thank you for your wonderful comment. Ann


      • Yes, I like the idea of celebrating what’s lost as well. Thanks for your wonderful response, so thoughtful. Have a terrific, peaceful week. 🙂


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