The Elusive Self…



On the other side of the veiled window,

Another parallel time moves within the

Hemisphere of tomorrow.

From gilded persimmon dawn until blazing

Sunset, where the individual eye cannot

See, lives the selves of our future.

Deep in the darkness of yesterday the

Persons of yesterday look back as

They can only see yesterday, tomorrow or the

Future will never come for those of yesterday.

These independent entities shrouded

In the memories of the past, the bodies

Of today and the minds of tomorrow

Float through time.

We move from the non-existence into

The now of living, then when the veil

Lifts on our tomorrows, we leisurely walk

Into the future.

In desperation we want to return, to

Take the trip back into a time that we

Know, to relive, to enjoy, or to change



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