In a Cloudless Thousand Years…

We must mourn the waste of the earth

as caretakers, have we quit caring about

what we are leaving behind for future


It is our responsibility to care for what

Mother Nature has given us, she has

nourished us and allowed us to live off

her good graces.

Our treatment of Earth is sinful, selfish

people numb me…those who take and

refuse to give back.  We should love

Mother Nature’s children as much as we

love our own gluttony.

Are we demons that live in high towers

above the filth left upon the land.  Does

living out of  the sight of destruction make

us good Bastards.

Take from the earth only what is

needed or evil will come and rob

your children’s future, they will

never see the beauty Mother

Nature provides.

Is it too late, will we never catch up

from our pilferage and lack of

wisdom.  The landscape continues

to change, will it become sinister and

dank transforming into a wasteland

filled with greed.

The stink may vanish, in a cloudless

thousand years, but can those of us

who cared about Earth today take comfort

in the fact that someone finally listen?






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