Echo of Time…

My great-grandmother predicted

of Earth’s changing seasons, there

would be snow in summer and heat

in winter; the changes in the world

are for many reasons.

She told of the spirits that ride upon

the winds of time, who told of living

things that we would someday no

longer see; and as a people… no

human would be free.

In the stillness of the night, I listen,

to the singing of hope; is it too late,

is it gone; then I hear nothing all is


Great-grandmother, a Chickasaw

whose parents walked the Trail of Tears,

believed that one day the people of this

world would live in fear.

I hear her chants; the music of her flute,

my soul believes that in her prophecy

she spoke truth.

I listen for her whispers within my soul;

her voice continues to speak to me her

faith alive; and through troubled moments

we walk side by side, and I hear the in the

echo of time and her voice telling me to




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10 thoughts on “Echo of Time…

  1. What wise great – grandmother, indeed. Great piece. To think that her visionary words of long ago are fast becoming today’s reality is a platform where the world should stand on, take pause, and jointly work towards a better future where there is no place for fear for anyone


    • GG Ma was 105 years old at her passing, I was 15 years old, old enough to know her and I grew up at the hem of her skirts. Thank you, I believe that her sight into the future came from the hardship of her past. Ann


  2. Ann, your poetry speaks to my heart as one with Native American roots (Choctaw) and one who loves the power and beauty of words. Thank you for the gift of your lovely poetic voice and for following my writing as well.

    May you be richly blessed,



    • And, what a wonderful find when your blog came up on my screen. Thank you for following me and I hope you will visit often…our roots are bonded my great-great-grandmother was Choctaw and my great-great-grandfather was Chickasaw living in Alabama and were on the Trail of Tears. My great-grandmother along with my father raised me. Again, thank you. Ann


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