The Shine On Award…


 “Bee” – My Un-Puzzled Heart – nominated me for this award at

The awards that I have received are appreciated.  My Community is very important to me and the “Shine On” award is special in so many ways; it shows support and I believe understanding of the meaning of my poetry from my Community.  I hope to continue to support my fellow bloggers in every way possible, and thank you Bee.

My nominee’s are:

1.  iamlenise

2.  Cristian Mihai

3.  Sterling Arthur Leva

4.  Sawa Minori

5.  milambc

6.  urbanwallart

7.  Kendall F. Person

8.  Opinionated Man

9.  aliciakhoo

10. the Procrastitorian

You are all so talented and very special I hope to be able to acknowledge everyone at some point in time.  Each visit and comment you make encourages me to continue writing each day.

Ann Johnson-Murphree


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