The Tapestry of Life…

The individual self is an performer, life is the

stage; we are masters of our emotions capable

of expressing self-assurance, joy and rage.

There is a hidden self, living deep within the

forest of life, one that we prefer not to show, it

is the image of strength and confidence that we

truly choose to expose.

It is during the times of valleys and peaks,

darkness and fear; that we wear a mask, we

masquerade keeping emotions hidden in the

forest of our souls, yet within sight and near.

The landscape of ourselves guides us to better

places, and it is the silent strong self that

transforms our outward faces.

To believe in our aspirations and make our lives

worth living, to hope we cling; it is within the

landscape of our strong confident selves that

allows us to dream.

We perform in our world upon the stage of life

where we remain perfect impressionist; yet, it

is only when we change the tapestry of our lives

we find true happiness.



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