The Simplicity of Life…

The human race has many possessions;

as time has spawn generations of collectors

where material gain has become an obsession.


The fabric and spirituality of our lives are

invisible threads of contentment, need and

greed, all connected; true-life values can be



Possessions for which we unknowingly yearn;

weakens the golden threads that weave the

framework of our souls, yet it waits patiently

for our lessons to be learned.


Unearth a simpler life, a time we have forgotten,

remove unnecessary fragments from the collection;

what remains will be a wise selection.


Simplicity holds that which is essential for happiness

freeing us from the bondage of extravagance and excess.


Many search for contentment in their lives; yet true

wealth comes from precious moments the memory

collects and it is in memories where the soul survives.


For those who walk the simple path collecting has

been set aside; it is within the depths of the

uncomplicated mind and soul that rich rewards



Through simplicity the soul discovers that setting

weariness adrift in life brings a sense of order;

living a simple life does not mean one has to be

a pauper.


There are times when one has to be courageous

enough to remove people or possessions from

their lives that create clutter, chaos and

confusion; do not grieve when your spirit tells

you that it is the only solution.


Invite simplicity into your life and watch a more

serene tomorrow unfold; and tell those who

would laugh and abandon you, that for gain you

refuse to sell your soul.





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