Thanks to You My Community of Followers…

I want to begin this post by extending my appreciation to my “Community of Followers”, their amazing posts creating a visual and mental world for me of paintings, photographs, poetry and their thoughts on many subjects.

I wanted to share a personal post, and then ask…do I want this to be a personal blog.  My answer was quick in coming as my poems are created from my spirit and soul, as are my paintings, I could not get more personal than that; and I share those with my “Community”.

On July 21 and July 22, 2010, I lost two daughters, although they were adults, my memories dwell on them as children.

Very ill, one of them did not want to go; it seems that God needed her more… the other one was taken from me the next day, I no longer question God as an answer never comes.   I grieve for both and my heart must look much like a patchwork quilt tattered that I must re-sew daily.

In addition, this, my personal post is to thank all of you for keeping me reading, searching, reblogging and writing to carry me through this difficult month of July.

My poetry, paintings and continued creative writing has given me a means to survive through difficult times and the poetry is the spirit me!  Nevertheless, along with family, it is you my “Community” that has encouraged me to move forward with your like’s and comments on my poetry and paintings, for that, I am truly grateful.

Have a great day, and keep those creative juices flowing so all of your fans/followers can continue to enjoy your creativeness.

Ann Johnson-Murphree


7 thoughts on “Thanks to You My Community of Followers…

  1. There are no words to express my sympathies except: I am so sorry for your loss. Time does not diminish the ache but allows us to never forget. We are a community together and together we are strong.


  2. Oh, it must have been so very hard to lose two daughters within a day; cannot imagine the grief, the sense of loss that overwhelms. So sorry for your loss. It is good to know that you have found some comfort and purpose in blogging and connecting to the community.


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