Stolen Moments…

Whispering voices descend

from clouds of yesterday

waiting for the winds of

tomorrow; they gently

caress the heart trying to

take away all of yesteryears



In the quietness of twilight

glimpse of what was never

meant to be; dominant are

the emotions and the spirit

cries….true love will never

come and the soul will never

be free.


Evolving into the now from a

world of pain, time journeys

onward and the spirit

understands life stays the same.


Emerging from a life only the

heart knows, finally daring to

dream of what might have been;

and then there is the never-ending

waiting for a new life to begin.


Tears no longer fall upon pale

cheeks, truth stays hidden deep

within the soul; finally, one

realizes that the story of lost love

will never be told.


Living alone, day after day

becomes a way of life; the

cocooned heart keeps away

sorrow, pain and strife.


Passion continues to burn and

does not die, as one lives in

stolen moments waiting for a

love that will never return; and

wondering will the heart ever








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