Never Ending Vacation from Life…

The inter-self may believe that to

survive it must find the strength to

run away.   Retreat invades the mind

each day.

It is not always a question of whether

to leave or stay with the physical body.

The mind tells us that departure from

life is the only way.

A dream of escaping a crestfallen existence

starts ominous emotions.  Yearning to

create happiness on more than a fabrication

of the Imagination.

Misplaced souls lives are not filled with

treasured memories, life has not been kind.

They are unsure of where they are going.

They have been living in tormented moments

a tiring and emotional time.

Living in uncertainty, truth unknown to those

who are near.  Fading souls find that life is

hanging onto the tail of a spinning world

trying not to slip into a dark abyss of fear.

Struggling between reality and imaginary

subsistence.  Unwanted, believing they are

doomed to watch others be happy from a

self-imposed Distance.

It is in silence that they turn inward.  Back

to their hiding place, deep within the core of

self-preservation.  A place where peace

abounds.  Fear subsides, outwardly knowing

true happiness will never be found.

When there are no longer reasons to chase

after dreams, these lost souls believe that only

in death will they find truth.  Only with death,

their tree of happiness will bear fruit.

Dreams of escaping a crestfallen existence may

be contemplated as a never-ending vacation.

Yet, it must be known as a false consideration,

a delusional unhappiness, a fabrication of their








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