Life is not a Dress Rehearsal…

The essence of descent into life takes root in

childhood.  Without choice, the journey in due

course will end, many times in sorrow.  The

caretakers of our existence bestow the gift of

direction upon our tomorrows.

Life is a hierarchy from which expectations sprouts

hope.  It reaches beyond the core of our beginning.

Beyond the reach of those from which we descend.

The perception of childhood can be deceived.  Living

within the shelter of acceptance in a world filled with

make believe.

It is the epoch of adolescence that is difficult to endure.

Castles in the sky built upon the sands of childhood

falls into an ocean of doubt as we sail toward a world

that is no longer innocent and pure.

Youth passes, living only in the yesterdays of our minds.

Life becomes complicated and the visions of early days

suddenly became blind.

As adults, we convince ourselves that we are no longer

allowed to dream.  We find that life can sometimes be


We must learn if what we are taught is true, one finds

after they have walked the crest of mountains.  Waned

in the valleys of discontent that the years one has are


If life is not what you wanted and you believe the world

is not within your reach.  It is time to follow your own

path, with you in control of how your journey will end.

Life is not a dress rehearsal… maybe it is time to return

to the visions of childhood, remember your dreams of

yesterday; start living again.



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53 thoughts on “Life is not a Dress Rehearsal…

  1. Beautiful a special gift of memories, childhood, numerous things of life. The last line got me, start living again


  2. Sadly, by the time we reach adulthood all images of childhood are tainted by our mental map and lessons learned. We can never regain the innocence and true fun. However, good to be reminded of those days and the need to live again. Good work.


  3. love your use of language, I agree your style does have a beautiful flow
    and thanks for checking out my blog cheers!


  4. Great insight – thanks. I was in a “lifestyle” for 30 years and then it failed. Everyone said “Good on you for getting out of it” – like I made a mistake in the beginning and the 30 years was just a practice for my real life. I miss my “old life”. It is part of me. Thanks again.


    • My dear B, I held a pattern for 50 years, whom I might be was not questioned; it was accepted. I spent another 10 trying to figure out “who am I”! Then these past 10 searching for truth, and the truth is that I am a sum of a the people I have been and the best is yet to come. I live one day at a time as I continue to search for truth. If you read my poetry, you will see who I am…yesterday and today; tomorrow is almost here! Good luck and thank you for being a part of my Community. Ann


    • Thank you for your comment…I spent years searching for who I was and I find I am the sum of my past and present; the good, bad and ugly as they say; all wrapped up into one very old spirit that continues to search for the truth. I am my writing, if you read it carefully anyone will know who I am. You do not have to miss your old “me”, it has gone nowhere, embrace the old you as it is your yesterday, today and tomorrow. Ann


  5. So much of what you say speaks to truth. Appreciate your follow and can’t wait to read more from you when I can grab longer moments in which to savor them.


  6. Hey! Thanks for the like & follow on my blog 🙂 Love your writing style. We sure need to return to our childhood to rediscover our dreams. Shall keep revisiting for more 🙂


  7. That was lovely. The flow was very natural. The words “As adults, we convince ourselves that we are no longer/ allowed to dream” really struck a chord in me.

    By the way, you liked one of my posts, ‘My Paper-Ink Existence’, and I had to delete it because I accidentally posted it on the wrong blog and had to move it to my other one. But thank you so much for that.


  8. Life is for learning and expansion of mind and body and need not end in sorrow. There is much happiness that grows as appreciation for gifts received and given continue without hesitation.


  9. So glad you liked “Learning in Mudville” on The dreams of childhood may indeed be castles build on sand, but they can also be the visions of what can be done as an adult. – Aloha and thanks again – pjs.


  10. Your lines really match my thoughts just a few minutes ago. Amazing! I was thinking about the strange turns one’s life can make. I’m a survivor of a terribly bad accident, however, the sequences did not bring me deeper into troubles, but opened a new path and a new opportunity to experience “another lifetime” since I completely unexpectedly for me relocated across the ocean from Europe to Canada. Well, sometimes it feels like I have had about 3 different lives already. I was thinking about my childhood, as well. That was so long ago and that world was so distinctive from this one that it’s hard to believe it’s still me going through all this.
    I used to write poetry also, just in my native language: Latvian. I loved your writing, and you probably have had some painful experiences, too. I think we are often valuing the wrong things, and even the smartest person knows nothing until we know it all and find out for ourselves at the very end.


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