Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers and followers…

I appreciate your support in following me; I will make every effort to return you support in every way possible. I have found from the beginning of creating this blog many wonderful people, their writing, their artwork and my personal favorite poetry. Knowing that you have published work, a gift, so that I may see you past and present work. I would appreciate anyone who might check out my work on, a novice at trying to get my poetry and artwork to the public, I believe in “baby steps” and hope to be as accomplished as many of you are today.
I cannot thank you enough for following my blog; those two little words are coming from the heart.
Ann Johnson-Murphree

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E-Books that may be purchased at are not priced low because they are unworthy of a higher cost; the low cost of $2.99 is by choice for exposure.



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