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The following are excerpts from poems in my E-Books…I hope you will check out samplings of the work at Amazon.com…


#1 – With Death Comes Freedom

Smoke circled within the birch bark shelter, a tiny mouth suckled upon his mothers’ breast, born in a world without fear in a world that would one day disappear.



#2 – A Path to this Moment…

Reflection on conception, an unwanted

Soul cast away because of greed.  An

Image of the future, lost in time, starvation,

Did not kill the seed.




#3 – Unfulfilled       

It is the alchemy by which we evolved, the

Self, the role of others, the absolute that

Was to come, this will provide generations

With the story and still as humans we find no

Need for celebration.  A self-seeking breed, all

Interconnected to each other would not be

Satisfied with only getting out of life what they





#4 – My Journey into Art…a collection of artwork


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